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Where,oh where, did our blog disappear to?

Jill GerbrachtComment

For those who remember,  I made my very first blog post in August 2008, yikes!  The last entry recorded was in October 2014....needless to say the proverbial ball was dropped with a major thud.   "Fluttertalk," said name of said blog, was originally housed on blogspot but it was a complicated program to work with so with difficulty in execution and preparing for the teenage years with three kids at home it just took a back seat to life's other responsibilities!

But now that I have created a brand new website and am looking to create a stronger online presence, the blog is getting a bit of a rebirth here and now.  Let's just hope I can keep up with it...but my intent is to make the "new" blog a place with content and insight that is of value and interest to my customers.  Stay tuned for more in the days ahead and please subscribe here so you can stay up to date on our announcements.