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A little of what we have been up to this holiday season

Christmas + HolidayJill GerbrachtComment

In addition to the many holiday boutiques we were part of this holiday season, we also keep busy with holiday card orders and this year was no exception.  Here is a sampling of some the cards we worked on....


It has always been tradition to share my card every year as here it is...(scroll to the right for other images)...

Did you send a card this year?  We'd love to know!  Just click on the comment section just below the headline.  Thanks and look forward to lots more on our blog in the new year...this is short and sweet!  Signing off and wishing you a Happy New Year!

PS You may notice that this year's card isa recycled version of the card I drew and sent out in 1990...colorized and updated for our family card this year!